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Welcome to rfkharris.com. Please read this page to find out how to use our custom music composition service.

How it works

Simply use the form to tell us as much as you want about your desired piece. You can choose the instrument(s), the level of difficulty, the style, the type of piece (anything from a short jingle to a full orchestral work) - even the key you want the piece to be in! You can also provide words or lyrics and ask for a song to be composed, tell us the reason for wanting a piece, or commission a composition with no particular demands. Tell us too if you would like parts or multiple copies of the work - these can be provided.

In what form will my piece arrive?

In the form of a printed manuscript (see example) by your choice of either post or email, or - if you prefer - a MIDI file of the piece via email.

How long does it take?

The time the composition takes will vary depending on the length and complexity of the commission, but will be about two weeks for a song, jingle or short piece, to two months for a large-scale or orchestral work.

How much will it cost?

We consider each commission individually, and will contact you personally with a cost. If you’re happy with this cost, you then send a cheque payment and we’ll start work on the piece. Note that the commissioning of a composition is subject to some terms and conditions.

Can I hear some examples?

Yes, excerpts from song, classical and ensemble works by Richard Harris can be heard here.

The form for requesting your composition is here.

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