How the transcription service works


To receive a printed manuscript of your piece, simply post the recording or draft manuscript to us, or email us the audio/MP3 file, stating:

  1. For what instrument(s) / voice you’d like the work transcribed, and any details you'd like us to consider.
  2. Whether you’d like your recording or manuscript returned to you.
  3. Your contact details (email or phone).
  4. The name and postal or email address to which you’d like the work sent (please indicate your preference).

We accept music of any kind, and in any form, for transcription - tape, minidisc, CD, audio/MP3 file or draft manuscript.

All transcription requests are charged at £20 per hour.

When we receive your music we will contact you with a cost and see if you are happy for the work to go ahead at this price. If not, your work will be returned to you without charge. Work will begin after online or cheque payment has been received, and will be with you as soon as possible (please see terms and conditions).

The transcription will arrive as a printed manuscript (see example) via your choice of either post or email.

By requesting a transcription, you are representing that you are not violating the terms and conditions of, and that the music is your own, you own the copyright for the music, or have permission from the copyright owner to have it transcribed.

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