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Please give any information you’d like us to consider about the arrangement, e.g. ‘I’d like it for piano solo’; ‘for flute with a simple piano part’; ‘can I have it all in C Major’; ‘can I have this exact instrumentation to fit my school ensemble’ etc.

Please also indicate here if you'd like a MIDI file of your piece, or a backing to your piece, to be sent to you by email; this will give you an idea of how it will sound, or give you a version without the melody, to which you can play along. Also indicate here if you’d like your music in large-print format.

Where the top twenty choice is a long work in its original form - ie an opera - it will be assumed that your arrangement request is for the popular or well-known section. Please specify above if you wish a different part to be arranged, and/or if you wish to choose a particular key (the key will otherwise be that of the original piece).

The finished sheet music can be sent to you by post or by email as a graphic.
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